Letters to the Editor

The East Hampton Star | May 24, 2018

Trustee Positions

East Hampton, May 16, 2018

Dear David, 

We would like to thank Steven Ringel and the East Hampton Chamber of Commerce for their efforts in planning and hosting the spring street fair in East Hampton Village. 

Despite the weather, the fair was well attended and enjoyed by all who came by. The food, shopping, and music created a jovial atmosphere that hopefully brought an uptick in commerce while at the same time creating a sense of community. There were also many nonprofits and informational booths to inform us of the important issues that we are faced with and work they are doing. We need to restore the vibrancy and vitality of the village by bringing people and families back to the village with events like this.

As many of you know, we are both running for village trustee positions in the upcoming election on June 19. If elected, we will encourage and support the chamber in their future endeavors through more events like the street fair. We’d like to revitalize the commercial district by working collaboratively with business owners, residents, the chamber, and town government officials. 

Water quality is an issue that everybody recognizes has extraordinary value to all of us on so many levels. We propose improving the septic systems in the commercial district. Many of these failing systems require constant maintenance and are leaching pollutants into our groundwater. With a new and improved wastewater management system, we’d be able to increase more food and restaurant opportunities in the village.

 Since 2016, we can use community preservation funds for water quality initiatives, which would help defray the costs of this project. We also realize that the village needs to improve the state of its infrastructure. Our roads, streets, and sidewalks need to be improved and maintained.

We live in a truly special place that is surrounded by astounding beauty. The overarching goal for village government is to enhance and maintain its residents’ quality of life, while executing a fiscally sound budget. We want to be advocates for the village residents. Over the last couple of months, we have listened to our neighbors and friends talk about what’s important to them. We want to be open-minded and solution based. We would like to implement some changes in the village while protecting our quality of life, historical landmarks, and precious environment. Let us work together to find some viable solutions to our most pressing common concerns. We are deeply committed to making our village the best it can be.

Let’s work together and try to get to “yes!” We will work diligently to make sure East Hampton Village continues to be one of “America’s most beautiful villages.”

For more information about our candidacy please visit our website at FishHooksParty.org. Please vote for us on June 19!