2019 Newsletter

Water Quality

Wastewater Treatment Study
We need to have wastewater (sewage) treatment to help revitalize the commercial core, add affordable, senior, and workforce housing and allow for more wet uses like restaurants. The Board will be issuing a Request For Proposal (RFP) to start this process.

Innovative/Alternative Septic Systems
The Village Board has passed legislation that would require new construction and substantial renovations to install the nitrogen reducing I/A Septic systems.

Dredge Town Pond
This is a long-term project to improve water quality. We need to identify funding sources as this would be an expensive undertaking. Based on presentation to your Board some months ago by Village Engineer Drew Bennett, the conceptual project was submitted to the NYS DEC for a permit in April and they are currently reviewing it. Based on earlier discussions and meetings, they were supportive of the concept. 

Hook Pond dredging is more complex and if we were to proceed, it would be a segmented project, focusing on targeted areas suggested by the DEC and others. As dredging the entire pond would be a vast and very expensive undertaking, this may not be a feasible project for us.

The USGS water quality report on Hook Pond will be publicly presented to the Board shortly, it is currently undergoing final review by USGS.

Parking in the Village

Parking Study
The Village is hiring a consultant to help us determine how best to regulate timed parking in the Village lots. Additional parking, or redesign of existing infrastructure, may be needed to assure the viability and vitality of the commercial core. The Village is also taking steps to upgrade the parking ticket machines to make them more efficient and modern. 

Village Beautification

Herrick Park Study
The Village has issued an RFP for a consultant to help us with the park renovation, studying lighting, pathways, fencing, playground equipment, ball fields, security cameras, and relocation of the TCO shed. We also would look for guidance how we can incorporate contiguous parcels that were acquired through the Community Preservation Fund. 

Rebuild Tennis and Basketball Courts
As part of the Herrick Park renovation, we need to rebuild the basketball and tennis courts, and when this is done, we can stripe the courts to allow for play of pickleball. If this proves popular, we can identify other areas where we might add more pickle courts. The Village will work with the School District on this capital project. 

Flower Planters
The Village has ordered flower planters to be placed on the sidewalks along Main Street & Newtown Lane to make the Village more attractive. These should be in place by Mid-May.

Main & Newtown Hardscape Plan
We are in the early stages of planning for replacement/refurbishment of sidewalks, curbs and storm drains as many areas are in disrepair. This project will also require approval by the NYS Department of Transportation. The Village will look to access grant monies to assist in offsetting the multi-million dollar cost for these projects. 


Elevated Walkways on the Dunes
Many on the board think that the elevated walkways over the dunes to give oceanfront homeowners ocean beach access are unsightly. This is an area where the State DEC is claiming jurisdiction.

We feel that intentional release of balloons is a travesty to our beaches and waterways, and we have passed legislation to prohibit it.

Single Use Plastics and Plastic Straws
While legislation against the use of plastic straws and Styrofoam have been enacted, further discussion towards the reduction of the use of single use plastics is necessary. The Village may embark on a program encouraging individual reduction and voluntary participation. There has been some support for a private program to recognize Village businesses who voluntarily reduce their reliance on single use plastics in their daily operations. Working in conjunction with the Suffolk County Water Authority, we are placing “hydration stations” at select beaches and parks so people can refill water bottles. 

Deer Management
The Board in discussion with a consultant who will oversee bow hunting on select parcels in the winter months.

Leaf Blowers
The Village Board has drafted legislation restricting the use of leaf blowers by commercial landscapers during the June 1st—Labor Day timeframe to reduce noise and air pollution. Homeowners are not subject to this restriction on their own properties.

Magazines, Windows, and Code Enforcement
We passed legislation restricting where the “free” magazines can be placed in the Village to reduce the litter and clutter, and we have guidelines about stores that close for the winter papering their windows. We will work with our Code Enforcement Officers to ensure compliance. 


Main Beach Evening Staffing
The Village Board is working to arrange staffing at Main Beach in the evenings (5PM—8PM) so that late day beachgoers will have access to the bathrooms 

Help the Inns Without Disturbing Neighbors
There is some sentiment that the restrictions on our Village Inns may need to be relaxed in some specific areas to ensure that they are able to remain vibrant businesses. The Village depends on their services to support tourism in season.

AirBnB & VRBO Regulation
There are some that abuse the rules for renting out their homes, and while we recognize that renting homes during the summer season gives some Village residents some needed income, we need to enforce our laws to maintain peace and order in our residential neighborhoods.

Add Wifi at Main & Georgica Beaches
The Board is looking into having free Wifi at Main and Georgica beaches. This, in addition to allowing connectivity, conveys a safety feature with Wifi Calling if there is no cell service. We hope to have at least Main Beach connected by this summer. 

Quarterly Newsletter for Village Residents
That’s kind of what this represents. We will post on the web, and create an “opt-in” email group for distribution.

Village Facebook Page
This would represent another channel for Village Government to connect with residents.

Music in the Village
We have discussed this many times at Board sessions, and frankly we would love to hear from you whether we should allow music at restaurants or other gatherings. Perhaps the standard should be “inaudible outside the building”, or “no amplification of instruments or vocals”. Drop us a line and let us know what you think. Remember that many of these venues are in residential neighborhoods, and quiet enjoyment of our homes informs much of our thinking.